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Paul Davis

Owner/Agent Paul Davis Insurance Services, Inc.
Work 17347 Napa St. Sherwood Forest California 91325 Work Phone: 818-888-0880 Work Fax: 818-993-1497 Website: pdinsure.com


Payment Types Accepted: Check, credit card or bank draft directly through carriers

License(s): 0669770, OM47932

Client Qualifications: Medicare eligibility

We are experts in Medicare health plans. 36+ years in the business with a staff of six. All we do is Medicare health plans and we do it better than 98% of the agents out there. There is no charge for our services.

Mostly people turning 65 and people retiring off group plans at older ages. We also offer to price compare people on existing plans and regularly save people $1000 on coverage.

Anyone moving out of state? They likely need to change their Medicare health plan. Check to see what your parents or other elderly relatives or friends have for coverage. Many people have chosen poorly or were given bad advice. OK? Paul

Voted best insurance agent for 19 straight years by Readers of the Daily News. Named as a trusted advisor by the San Fernando Valley business journal. MAPS member since 2002.
Recorded webinars: pdinsure.com/videos

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